PUBLC Announces Integration of Large Language Models into Search Engine

• PUBLC has announced the integration of large language models (LLMs) into its search engine, bringing revolutionary capabilities to the platform.
• This integration allows users to find relevant data and sources in natural language, enabling a more personalized and visual approach to web content consumption.
• The platform is further supported by a blockchain-based token economy that rewards its community with 90% of the platform’s revenue.

Cutting-Edge AI Models Bring Revolutionary Capabilities

PUBLC has recently announced the groundbreaking integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) into its search engine, firmly positioning itself as an innovator in the rapidly evolving search industry. This move follows PUBLC’s mission to create an all-inclusive search engine powered by advanced AI models and anchored in a blockchain-based token economy through its token PUBLX. Since the release of ChatGPT 6 months ago, LLMs have demonstrated their revolutionary capabilities, prompting tech giants such as Google and Microsoft to incorporate them into their products. However, PUBLC stands out as the first company to fully integrate LLMs into its core search logic.

Enhanced User Experience Through Natural Language Processing

This integration makes every query on PUBLC processable by an LLM which retrieves relevant data and sources for users in natural language. This significantly enhances user experience by offering a more engaging, personalized, and visual approach to searching for web content. Additionally, this feature draws inspiration from collaborative models such as Wikipedia, encouraging millions of users around the world to contribute towards training the Language Models using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

Rewarding Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

PUBLC challenges traditional web giants such as Google who dominate global ad revenue at other’s expense; thus implementing a tokenized revenue model that distributes 90% of the platform’s revenue among its community using Ethereum blockchain technology. This economic model ties PUBLX tokens directly with fiat-based revenues sources like advertising which gives it tangible value and fosters ongoing growth and collaboration within its network while inspiring new ways of interacting with web content.


Conclusion: A New Web Economy Led By The Community

  The integration of LLM’s into PUBLC’s search engine enhances user experience while creating an innovative economic system based on blockchain technology that rewards members for their contribution towards training language models or organizing web content – inspiring a new web economy led by internet communities worldwide.

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