• KaijuFrenz: Genesis is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network.
• There are currently 3407 owners of the KaijuFrenz: Genesis collection, which has a market capitalization of 34.37 ETH and an average price of 0.11 ETH (~$189.22).
• The value and price of NFTs from the KaijuFrenz: Genesis collection depends on how it is developed and promoted by its creators and community.

What is an KaijuFrenz: Genesis?

KaijuFrenz: Genesis is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 25 March, 2022. 6,666 items of the KaijuFrenz: Genesis collection can now be viewed at OpenSea.

How many owners does the KaijuFrenz: Genesis collection have?

The total number of owners has reached 3407 within 360 days since its release. The market capitalization of KaijuFrenz: Genesis NFT collection is 34.37 ETH with 10,458 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.11 ETH (~$189.22 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 1,139.662 ETH with payment tokens being ETH, WETH and a floor price if 0.003 with 30-day trading volume kept at 0.41 ETH..

Why are some NFTs expensive and others not?

NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem and are still in their infancy. It is an emerging market meaning there is no historical data or precedence that can assist in determining the value of an NFT .NFT projects that started at the beginning of the market boom have garnered legitimacy purely because they had a first-mover advantage . These „established“ NFT projects have also had the opportunity to improve and learn from the issues that have plagued the NFT market and have, in such a way, made themselves more valuable .When the NFT boom took flight ,many people realized profits beyond their wildest dreams ,creating a space for opportunists to take advantage ofthe market growth .While some NFTs can be considered digital art ,created by an artist who recognizes value NFTs can add tothe creative space ,others have been made purely outof greed anda needto exploitthe immense market growth .NFT projectsthat stemfrom greedand exploitation oftenhave novalueand are ultimatelygarbage .

Is the KaijuFrenz: Genesis Collection Over or Underpriced?

It is difficult to determine whether NFTs fromtheKaijuFrenz :Genesiscollectionis overpricedor underpriced .Making suchan assessment will becomeclear when themarket forN FTsand metaversesdevelopsmo re actively .Thepriceisalso influencedbyhowtheKai ju Fren z :Genesiscollectionis developedandpromotedbyits creatorsandcommunity .

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