• Block’s TBD, the blockchain development division for the financial technology firm founded by ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has disclosed details into how it is delving into infrastructural scaling solutions for the Bitcoin blockchain through the Lightning Network.
• The scalability and security of Bitcoin transactions has often been overlooked in terms of potential, and Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Layer 2 scaling system is looking to turn this around, alongside improvements to the protocol’s ability to scale transactions and handle liquidity.
• Block’s new business entity is dubbed „C=“ (pronounced as c equals) which focuses on improving liquidity and routing from within the Lightning Network.

Block’s Investing in Bitcoin Scaling

Block’s TBD, a blockchain development division founded by ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has revealed plans to explore infrastructural scaling solutions for the Bitcoin blockchain via its Lightning Network layer 2 system. This system would improve scalability and security of Bitcoin transactions as well as its ability to handle liquidity.

The Launch of C=

To support their efforts, Block launched “C=” (pronounced c equals), a reference to Albert Einstein’s famous equation that grounded his theory of relativity between mass and energy. In much the same way, C= seeks to bring crypto users together so they can move forward using innovation on an open decentralized market.

Lightning Network Issues

Despite recent record peaks in Lightning Network transaction volume, general reliability of finality and execution has declined due mainly to inefficient payment routing infrastructures and limited liquidity across the network. Currently capacity for this network stands at 5,424 BTC based on decentralized nodes running LN code.

C= Seeking Solutions

As such C= aims to address these issues by engineering usability as well as performance infrastructures that will ultimately help accelerate adoption rates while maintaining high quality standards throughout its operations.


The goal is for C= to ensure that all users have access to a secure platform with reliable transaction times enabling them to take advantage of all possibilities within an open decentralized market without fear or restrictions imposed by central banks or other agencies.

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