• ChainwireBinaryX announced they will split their token, BNX
• The decision was made after a DAO vote and expected to increase users acceptance of the token
• BinaryX also unveiled plans to expand their game offerings with VR/AR games in 2023

ChainwireBinaryX Announces Token Split

ChainwireBinaryX, a Gamefi and IGO platform, today announced it will split its token, BNX. The decision was made after the project team ran a DAO vote and received overwhelming unanimous support (99.5%) to conduct the split. BNX is the platform token of BinaryX, and is used as a utility token for all activities on the BinaryX ecosystem. This move is expected to lower the threshold for spending and increase adoption of BNX in a broader crowd.

Timeline For The Split

The exact timeline for the split will be announced on BinaryX’s social media and community channels soon. Once BNX is split, all consumption scenarios of old BNX will be transferred over to new BNX. As of Feb 9, BN

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